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New York City nights


One crazy night in New York based on my own experiences… love that city


The story behind it:

Met a girl in New York, spend one crazy night together, exchanged email addresses. Got home and lost it all and I never saw or heard her again… .

This is the short version of the story, in truth… the story is a little longer. Truth is, the girl in the song is a made up girl that was based on two different girls.


Here’s the full version of the story.

After visiting New York in 2006 for the first time, I desperately wanted to go back a year later. I didn’t had too much money to spare so I booked a room in a youth hostel. A couple of months, in Indian Summer of 2007, I boarded a plane and landed on the banks of the city. My friend Eugene was picking me up and drove me up to the youth hostel on Canal Street.

The lobby was a little shammy, but in overall it was ok. I was tired after a long flight, so went to the desk got my key and went up to my room. My room, I shit you not, was big enough to fit a bunk bed and a small closet. The idea of staying there for 10 days made my heart sink to the floor. Crappy hotel, crappy bed… . It was a bunk, the walls were 4 mm thick and open on top… . You could hear everything. You could hear somebody snore or making out with his girlfriend from the other side of the floor… . Nevertheless I slept there that same night.


The day after Eugene took me to his place in the Catskill Mountains, a real bed and a good shower made the start a little smoother.

But what really made the difference was a meeting the next day. Eugene’s friend Margaret had arranged that her daughter, Jordan, would take me on tour through town. I was a little hesitant to the idea, but she did take me on tour. With a lot of flair, , laughter,… it was an incredibly fun evening. We walked around downtown Manhattan for hours, before saying goodbye.


Inspired her same joy for life and attitude, I decided that no matter where I slept I decided to have fun anyway… It changed my stay drastically.


So, there you got the first girl.


From the beginning of my trip Ellis Island was high on my places to visit list. I went down the first time and arrived quite late in Battery Park. When I wanted to buy my ticket for the ferry, they told me the last ferry had just left. Bummer!

So I sat down, took my city guide and tried to find another place to go. All of the sudden a girl’s voice pulled me outta my musings. She asked me “Do you know when the next ferry leaves for Ellis Island.” I answered “I’m afraid the last one has already left.” “Ok, thank you” and I taught that was the end of the conversation, but no… soon afterwards she asked me if it was my first time in New York and we she introduced herself and we continued talking. We spend the rest of the day together and it turned out to be the best day in New York. We exchanged email addresses, but it got lost on the way home


So, there was the second girl.


I had bought several Cd’s in New York, when I got home I played Jesse Malin’s “Glitter in the Gutter” like a million times. With the rhythm of “Black Haired Girl” being the main inspiration I wrote New York City Nights shortly after it.