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Hold Back Time


A song about regret, hope to do things differently If you could stop time…


The story behind it:

I’ve been going to concerts for as long I can remember. While I was still single and living in Mechelen, I often took the train to Brussels. One cold winter evening I returned home and got off the train in Mechelen. I zipped up my coat, wrapped my scarf around my neck,… When I looked up I was the only person standing on the train platform.

But in the fain moonlight and the blinking platform lights my eyes caught an old man standing on the platform, watching as the train rolled out. It was such a touching sight, I could feel my heart break. I started dreaming, why was he there, why was he watching the train roll out… . I knew instantly he was going to be the main protagonist in one of my songs. But back then the right words just didn’t came to me… .


Fast forward to at least five years later.


My wife, two little kids were on holiday in France and wherever I go my guitar always travels with me. I was slowly picking a melody on my guitar, all of the sudden the words “I am out on my own again, waiting by track number 9, feel the cold wind freezes my sight”

It’s strange how a songwriter’s mind works, but all of the sudden the man on the platform was back.