Terug naar het overzicht

Beyond Love

I was alright

Without a clue

I knew nothin about nothin

Till I met you

You showed me something

A sunnier sky baby

You gave me wings and now I’m ready to fly

Beyond love

Beyond love

You’re a hardy root
You drive your tendrils deep
And when you love me
Don’t you know that you make me kinda weak
I’m flowin freely now
I’m high as a kite – come on
Kiss me baby
Send me sailing into the night

Beyond love

Beyond love
I’m gonna let sweet gravity
Lift me up and carry me
When I come undone
When I spring a leak
When I fall apart
When I’m down and can hardly speak
You put your arms around me
Give me a grin – you say
Take you clothes off boy – the water’s fine – jump on in

Beyond love

Beyond love
Beyond love
You take me beyond love

The story behind it:
While I was starting out, I had the chance to meet Eugene Ruffolo. He’s a very talented singer songwriter from New York, gifted with a remarkable voice.

Back in the days he toured Belgium a couple of times and I got the chance to become friends.

He has been my soundboard in the very early years. If I needed feedback on my writing skills, I could always ask for his good advice. If I needed some critique or support while recording, I could always rely on him. I’ve visited him in New York a couple of times and recorded the first version of Home Ground at his home studio.

Beyond Love is on his second album ‘When we were kings’, I always loved that song! There such a kinky grin in the song to it goes “Take your clothes off boy, the water’s fine, jump on in”. Loved that particular line, loved the feel of the song… . Back in 2008 I paid him a visit and played him my version of the song, he loved it! I kept playing it ever since.